Friday, August 23, 2019

What the heck is Solar Nomadics?

Solar Nomadics is a very small business devoted to teaching people about solar energy and providing them with portable solar products. I'm Kent Peterson and I started Solar Nomadics after reading the book Cooler Smarter and thinking about how I could not only lower my carbon footprint but maybe help others do so as well. I've never been a businessman, and at sixty years old it's maybe late to be starting. My goal with this business is not to get rich, but I would like to keep things going and not go broke.

As of today, I still have a day job as the Ebike Service Mechanic at Bike Friday, which is already a pretty eco-friendly and cool way of making a living. My Ebike runs entirely on my power and the solar energy I harvest from my tiny solar shed. While I'm the main instigator at Solar Nomadics, my lovely wife Christine is our "Director of Marketing" because she has agreed to wear a bright yellow sun costume when we are out in the street preaching the gospel of solar power. The final member of our management team is Inkling, who directly harvests solar energy every chance he gets.

On this blog I intend to talk about various aspects of solar energy and the ups and downs of running a very small business. I don't know where this is going, but this is the start.

Kent Peterson
Eugene, Oregon USA


  1. Hi Kent Good to see you writing more, this time with a solar focus. Do I need to sign up for another blog or will your posts come through on my reader (Feedly) via your pre-existing blog and address?
    Ron Richings Vancouver, BC

  2. I think you have to subscribe to the new one. I'm still working on getting this set up, but I'm pretty sure I can add a subscription widget.